A Perennial Philosophy of Nature
2019 Annual ACPA Meeting

Guidelines for Submission of Papers

Submitting Papers for the 2019 Annual ACPA National Meeting

“A Perennial Philosophy of Nature”
2019 Annual ACPA Meeting

November 21-24, 2019

Hilton Minneapolis
1001 Marquette Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403

(Download Call for Papers)

Deadline for Submission: 1 March 2019.

Send all submissions to: acpa@stthom.edu

1) The theme of the 2019 meeting is “A Perennial Philosophy of Nature”.

2) Here is President-Elect De Groot’s description of the theme:

“We are pleased to invite you to the 2019 ACPA annual meeting in Minneapolis, hosted by University of St. Thomas, MN.  The theme of the meeting will be “A Perennial Philosophy of Nature”. However, papers on all topics are welcome.


This year’s theme solicits approaches to philosophy of nature for the twenty-first century, in particular Aristotelian and Thomistic ones. Is it fair to say that most contemporary philosophy in the West has no concept of nature? Is the contribution of Romanticism to nature-philosophy still alive, in either popular or intellectual culture, and are/were there points of contact with classical philosophy in Romanticism? Do the neo-Thomist philosophies of nature of the twentieth century appear in the same light now as they did when they were responses to positivist inspired philosophy? Some would say that metaphysics has flourished in the last thirty years. Is metaphysics independent of a philosophy of nature? What things have changed in science in the last 75 years that makes it more receptive to Aristotelian concepts? These and other questions are welcome as addressing a perennial philosophy of nature.

We encourage submissions from a variety of perspectives as well as philosophical traditions and approaches. Papers from all specialties and sub-disciplines are welcome, including metaphysics, epistemology, moral theory, applied ethics, philosophy of religion, history of philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of science, etc.

3) Papers must be received no later than 1 March 2019. The authors of the papers must be members of ACPA at the moment of submission.

4) Submissions must be received through email. Please save your paper in Microsoft Word (.docx preferred) or PDF. (Other formats are not acceptable.) The text of your paper should not exceed 15 typed, double-spaced pages, 12 point (30 minutes reading time). The paper must begin with a short abstract (150 words), suitable for inclusion in the conference program. (The abstract will not be counted against the overall length of your paper.)

5) The format of the paper should be appropriate for blind reviewing; that is, nothing in the paper itself should reveal the author’s identity. (We will take care that your paper is not identifiable in the way it is saved by us, as blind review is one of the strengths of our conference papers and our proceedings.)

6)  In the body of your email, please include:
            Author’s name,
            University affiliation,
            Postal address,
            Phone number,
            E-mail address (correct from 1 March 2019 through 1 November 2019).

7) It is understood that, by submitting material for possible presentation at the 2019 Annual Meeting, authors agree that, should the paper be accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting and publication in the annual Proceedings, they will deliver the paper in person at the 2019 ACPA Conference, and they agree to allow the ACPA to hold the copyright to their paper published in the Proceedings. If the paper is accepted, you will be asked to sign a publication agreement with us.

8) Those authors who wish to have their papers considered for the ACPA Young Scholar’s Award (scholars 35 years of age or younger, regardless of academic position, are eligible) should indicate as much in the body of their email.

9) We will acknowledge receipt of your paper by email, shortly after it is submitted. If you do not hear from us within one week of submitting your paper, please contact us by email. Then by 15 July 2019, we will inform you if your paper has been accepted for the conference and publication in the ACPA Proceedings.  

10) If you would like to comment on a paper or to chair a session, please let the ACPA Secretary know by sending a separate e-mail or by writing to the ACPA’s National Office.  Be sure to provide your e-mail address, as well as your telephone numbers, and your area of philosophical expertise.