Dispositions, Habits, and Virtues
2014 Annual ACPA Meeting

Travel Stipend

The American Catholic philosophical Association will be offering travel stipends for those who are presenting papers at the main ACPA sessions (not satellite sessions) and for those who are commenting upon papers at these sessions. The Association will reimburse travel expenses for up to $900. These expenses must be your own expenses and you must not receive reimbursement from any other person or organization. If your college or university funds part of your expenses, the Association would be pleased to refund the remainder (up to $900). If you are awarded a travel stipend, you will be required to submit an expense form with your receipts. The Association will refund neither the registration fee for the conference nor the charge for the banquet.

Travel stipends will be awarded according to the following criteria (these criteria will be applied in the order presented below):

  • All recipients of travel stipends must be ACPA members.
  • Those presenting papers will have priority over those commenting upon papers.
  • Students will have priority over adjunct professors, who will have priority over assistant professors, who will have priority over associate professors, who will have priority over full professors and emeritus professors.
  • Higher-rated papers will have priority over lower rated papers.
  • Earlier applications for funds will have priority over later applications.

ACPA members who have registered with the ACPA website and are giving papers or commenting in a session of the "Contributed Papers" may electronically submit applications for travel stipends here (you must be signed in to visit the page.  if you have registered, are signed-in, and cannot visit the link, please email the webmaster). You may also download the relevant forms (application and report) and send them via regular mail to:

ACPA National Office
Center for Thomistic Studies
University of St. Thomas
3800 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006

 Applications are due by October 15, 2014.