Justice: Then and Now
2016 Annual ACPA Meeting

Information for Satellite Session Organizers

Information for Satellite Session Organizers

The ACPA accepts Satellite Sessions in the following formats:

            a. Speakers only (maximum of 3).

            b. Speakers and Commentators (maximum of 4).

            c. Panel discussion (number of panelists at discretion of the organizer)


For each session you are requesting, would you please supply us with the following information:


Name of sponsoring organization or other descriptive heading:

Name of Organizer of the Session:   

Name of Chair of the Session:  

Topic of the session: 


Name of Speaker No. 1: 

University of Speaker No. 1: 

Title for Speaker No. 1:  

Email Address of Speaker No. 1:


Name of Speaker/Commentator No. 2: 

University of Speaker/Commentator No. 2: 

Title for Speaker/Commentator No. 2:

Email Address of Speaker/Commentator No. 2: 


Name of Speaker/Commentator No. 3: 

University of Speaker/Commentator No. 3: 

Title for Speaker/Commentator No. 3: 

Email Address of Speaker No. 3: 



Time preference:




Other information:  (avoiding conflicts with other sessions, etc.)  




Deadline: Please try to have all the information requested to us by 1 June 2016, so that we can set the program for Satellite sessions expeditiously.